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Michelle's Slip
While she's at it, maybe she can explain his Connecticut SS#.

Hillary Clinton thinks the rich aren't paying their fair share. 
Nevermind that 47% of American's are paying zero federal income taxes. And wait, did she just say that the rich in Brazil are pulling others out of poverty? I thought she didn't believe in trickle-down economics.

What's Happening to America

Mexican president calls Mexicans coming to America "migration".

The Dems gave the dude a standing ovation when he said he opposes the AZ law. How many of them have actually read the 10-page law?

I'd like to thank one of my readers for sending this video. Mexican President Calderon admits that illegals trying to work in Mexico will be sent back.

Al Sharpton, Marxist
Al Sharpton exposes his Marxist roots by saying it's not about putting one black family in the White House, it's about "making everything equal in everybody's house".

Regime to keep boot on the throat of BP.
Spokesman Gibbs announces the Obama Regime will "keep a boot on the throat" of BP. Warm fuzzies abound....

Obama- At some point, you've just made enough money

I'm loving my "Video of the Day" section, but I'm having a tough time deleting yesterday's when I put up a new one. I wouldn't have put it there if it wasn't something I thought everyone should see. So, videos that are no longer "The" video will be moved here. 

Jim Wallis, Marxist- Obama's spiritual advisor


Health Care Designed to "Control the People"

Biden on Redistribution

Rep Tom Perriello (D. Va) admits that congress just can't stop stealing.

A visual of Obama's proposed budget cuts.