What am I reading?

Good compilation of things I already know.

The Real Thomas Jefferson
I'm not a huge fan of biographies but this is fantastic. I think I read the first 200 pages in two days at the beach. The author manages to keep the story flowing while using Jefferson's own writings for about half the text.

I made it through about the first 50 pages of this book and my dad stole it from me. He has been devouring it ever since. It is packed full of facts and footnotes and fills in the history you never learned in school.

A person needs to read some things for pure entertainment too doesn't she? This is the third book of her Outlander series. Gabaldon's writing is poetic. I'm repeatedly amazed at how beautifully she can describe people and situations.

Another book in the Outlander series. I can't get enough.

What are you reading?