Bucket Lists

If you've never seen the movie The Bucket List, I highly recommend it. A Bucket List is a list of things you would like to do before you kick the bucket. 

In school a couple of weeks ago, the boys and I sat down and made Bucket Lists, though thinking on the spot I had a hard time coming up with much for mine. With the pressure off,  list-worthy items have been popping in my head. I'll jot them down here before I forget them again.

-Spend a few weeks visiting the parks out west with the family. (*gasp* I even mentioned an RV to my husband)
-Write a book
-Get a decent camera and learn something about photography(1/2 done now. I got the camera for my birthday. Now for the learning bit...)
-Keep honeybees
-Learn to make cheese
-Make the glass for the transoms over the front windows

Peep #1
-Swim with dolphins
-Drive a race car
-See a volcano and real lava
-Take a hot air balloon ride with Mom
-Climb up a tree
-Win karate tournaments

Peep #2
-Take a hot air balloon ride with mommy
-See a live possum - He saw one walking through the woods in the middle of the afternoon. I got to talk to him about rabies.
-Go to the fair again
-See a volcano and real lava
-Ride on a speed boat 
-Ride on a dolphin
-Buy my own house with a kitchen
-Buy my own china cabinet