Saturday, May 29, 2010

Obama blames Clinton

This Sestak thing has me hot. In case you aren't familiar with what's going on, Sestak ran against Specter in the PA democratic primary and won. Sestak claims that the regime offered him an inside job to keep him from running against Specter.

The regime denied any wrongdoing until they announced yesterday afternoon (that's right, the Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend) that Bill Clinton acted as the intermediary and it was Bill who offered Sestak the job.

That's right, former-president Clinton who has absolutely ZERO authority to hire anyone offered Sestak a job with the regime. Are you buying it? Is it any coincidence that Obama and Clinton met on Thursday? I'm sure they had to get their stories straight.

And what really hacks me off, it that they will probably get away with it. There is a double standard when it comes to liberals and conservatives. Somehow liberals are allowed to lie, cheat, steal, have affairs, sleep with staffers, run prostitution rings, etc and get away with it!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Our New Kitty

Only once have I begged someone for his cat. Only once have I conspired to cat-nap a feline. Of course, I would never go through with such a thing, but I love, love, loved my aunt's neighbor's cat Marauder.

On Monday, I was unpacking from our beach vacation when I got a call from my aunt. Her neighbors were moving and were not taking Marauder with them. Did I want him?

Did I want him!?!?

I had the kids loaded in the car in 10 minutes flat.

Marauder had been living outside for as long as I'd known him so I knew a trip to the vet was required before he could come home. Poor thing went from being free to being locked on my aunt's porch, shoved into a carrier, driven 45 minutes, dropped at the vet where he was poked, prodded, snipped and stitched then left there overnight.

We brought him home Tuesday afternoon and he has been the most dear sweet thing ever since. I gave him a good grooming and he was very tolerant as I removed mats and burrs.

On Wednesday, my peep said, "Marauder looks like a different cat." I asked him why and he said, "Because he's been all Furminated!".

We're happy to have him as part of the family and I'm sure Trevor will agree...eventually.

We locked Marauder on the sun porch for two days until we were sure he would use the box. He does.

He loves me. He loves the kids. I am sure he'll love my husband. We love him too!

This picture was from the day after surgery. He was still looking a little rough.

Financial Reform Bill

Back on April 15 I blogged about the Financial Reform Bill. This monstrosity from Frank and Dodds is getting closer to being law and yet very little is being reported about it. Here's a quick tour of what's in it. It is over 1300 pages, so I (and most of those in Congress) have not read the whole thing. This bill could be more dangerous than the Health Care Law.

-The bill creates the Financial Services Oversight Council (FSOC), a massive new agency within Treasury Dept. This agency will have the power to force financial institutions under its supervision without even requiring the approval of congress (not that their approval means anything anymore). This is seizure of private property by the Executive Branch...creepy.

-Sec 113 also gives the Treasury "Authority to require supervision and regulation of certain nonbank financial companies" and creates a Too-big-to-fail class of businesses "if the Council determines that material financial distress at the U.S. nonbank financial company would pose a threat to the financial stability of the United States."

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Regime pushes back at VA

In the wake of the Health Care law that was crammed down American's collective throat earlier this year, many states fought back by filing lawsuits contesting the constitutionality of the federal law.

The 10th Amendment says: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Yesterday, the regime asked a federal judge in Virginia to dismiss Virginia's lawsuit. Apparently, they can't let the courts take a look at it. Checks and balances may actually work and find this monstrosity unconstitutional!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Increased Costs at the Grocery Store

Your grocery costs could be shooting up this summer especially at the butcher's counter. It is estimated that the price of beef, pork and chicken could increase by as much as 25%. Main reason? Ethanol. We are burning up our corn supply in the name of renewable energy.

Last month a collection of meat groups sent a letter to the House Ways and Means Committee asking them to stop subsidizing the ethanol industry. The meat producers claim ethanol tax credits and import tariffs have "distorted the corn market, increased the cost of feeding animals, and squeezed production margins -- resulting in job losses and bankruptcies in rural communities across America."

Currently, most of the gas sold in the US is blended with 10% ethanol. At the request of ethanol producers, who continue to lose money despite subsidies, the EPA is debating raising the amount of ethanol to 15%. Not only will we see higher food costs, we can expect to see lower MPG and increased engine damage (especially in small engines and watercraft engines) with a higher percentage of ethanol.

Is it a coincidence that Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein has an anti-meat, animal rights agenda? He even coauthored the book, Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions in which he suggests that animals should be able to bring lawsuits against their human owners! I think this is another Nudge to control American's food choices.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Harvest

You may have noticed that weekends are for fluff around Kristin's Mishmash.

Today I picked my first squash and zucchini. They are a little on the small side, but I couldn't resist.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Home Again

I'm back from the beach, another year older and a great deal tanner (I'm not sure tanner is an adjective. I know it's a noun. I should probably say "more tan" but I went with tanner anyway. Oh hush, I've had too much sun).

One of the best parts of a vacation is being back home. I sure missed my cat.

And my chickens. Have they ever changed in the past week.

They are making these neat new sounds, have grown a bunch and had a couple surprises for me. No, not eggs.....

Friday, May 21, 2010

DC Youth demand better free condoms

I just stumbled across this one in the Washington Examiner:

City answers criticism by upgrading options in free program

D.C.'s one-size-fits-all approach to free condoms has the city's youth wanting bigger and better choices.

The Fenty administration announced Thursday that the District's well-regarded free condom program was trading up in response to a youth survey. Instead of handing out Durex condoms, the city will be handing out the more expensive Trojan brand, in the larger, "Magnum" size.

The only thing I can say is you have GOT to be kidding me. Whatever happened to morality? Oh yeah, morality in Washington DC is an oxymoron.

Obama cracks down on emissions by fiat

No congressional review. No vote. Yesterday, America's Dictator-in-chief announced the new National Fuel Efficiency Policy.

For the first time ever, these new CAFE standards take aim at trucks. You know, the rigs that move America.

Obama is also calling for more electric vehicles. Apparently, BO has forgotten (or not) that most of our electricity comes from burning coal, an industry he has long planned to bankrupt. If this keeps up, it looks like we'll all be riding horses by 2017. That is, until DHS takes your hay field.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

You can hate me now

My dad got this shot. I ran it through Photoshop.


Stop the Mosque at Ground Zero

Bring a pig!

From Hillbuzz:

Currently, Muslims are attempting to build “a Mega-Mosque” near the site of the World Trade Center — to celebrate the murder of 3,000 Americans by Muslims on 9/11/01 by installing a mosque near Ground Zero as Islam’s way of claiming victory over America. Having a mosque so near the site of Islam’s worst attack on America, where their call to prayer will echo out into the streets where thousands of people ran for their lives on the day “The Religion of Peace” decided to prove, yet again, how peaceful it really is would be beyond shameful. It’s an absolute disgrace.

And there's still time to upload your picture of Mohammed for "Everyone Draw Mohammed Day"!

Expecting more of our youth

I am reading the biography "The Real Thomas Jefferson" and I am amazed at all the things Jefferson did at a very young age. Did you know he was only 33 when he wrote the Declaration of Independence?

My husband's great-grandfather passed away when his grandfather was 14. His grandpa quit school and became the man of the family. He helped his mother run the farm and took care of his younger brothers and sisters.

What is wrong with our society that people are treated as children until they are 26 or older? The frightening new health care law requires students to be claimed as dependents on parents' insurance until the age of 26! Can someone who is babied to the age of 26 ever become a real man or woman or does that dependent mentality stick with them to some degree throughout their lives?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beach Sunsets

I've been on vacation, so the news is going to be a little slow on the blog until I get caught back up.

This is not to make everyone in cubicles jealous, but here are some sunset pictures I got earlier this week.




Monday, May 17, 2010

Healthy Choices Act and Rachael Ray?

The Healthy Choices Act was introduced last week by Rep. Kind (D- WI) and seems to be Michelle O's pet project now. The bill would give federal grants to the states and in return for the grants, the states would be required to submit the Body Mass Index (BMI) of all children ages 2-18 to the federal government.

This is another infringement upon privacy rights in this country. I think it is also an attack on our right to privacy in our medical records, which, incidentally the government is pushing to have placed in national databases. They are nudging us down that slippery slope, but that is a whole other story.

Frankly, it's none of the government's business how much my kids weigh or what we choose to eat. Yes, obesity is a problem in this country. A problem seen most often in the underclass the government has created!

Now celebrity chef Rachael Ray is joining the crusade for more government involvement. I ask you, what qualifies Michelle O and Rachael Ray to lecture the rest of us about Body Mass Index?

For more on healthy choices, go take the photographic tour of my vegetable garden.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another Bailout!

This one for the teachers unions. Business Insider is reporting:

Specifically, Arne Duncan, Obama's education secretary wrote the following to Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid:

We applaud Chairmen Harkin, Miller and Obey for crafting legislation in direct response to these challenges. S. 3206, the Keep Our Educators Working Act, H.R. 2847, the Jobs for Main Street Act, and H.R. 4812, the Local Jobs for America Act, each call for $23 billion in emergency support to preserve education jobs modeled after the State Fiscal Stabilization Fund (SFSF) established in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). This funding would keep teachers in the classroom while helping to sustain meaningful and necessary reforms in public education across the country.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Elena Kagan's College Thesis.... no longer accessible.


From: Daniel J. Linke
Subject: Kagan senior thesis copyright violation
Date: May 14, 2010 3:04:42 PM EDT

Dear Sir or Madam:

It has been brought to my attention that you have posted Elena Kagan’s senior thesis online. (See: Copies provided by the Princeton University Archives are governed by U.S. Copyright Law and are for private individual use only. Any electronic distribution is prohibited, as noted on the first page of the copy that is on your website. Therefore I request that you remove it immediately before further action is taken.

Please notify me as soon as possible that you have removed it from your web site.

Sincerely yours,
Daniel J. Linke

University Archivist and Curator of Public Policy Papers
Seeley G. Mudd Manuscript Library
Princeton University

It was pro-socialism and I'm kicking myself for not saving a copy.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fannie Mae's Blank Check

I know, I know, it's Friday night, I've put in 3 or 4 posts already today and I should just go to bed (or get a life) but there is so much going on, it pains me to leave it unreported. Y'all are going to have to connect some of these dots for yourselves 'cus I'm tired.

-On Monday May 10, Fannie Mae asked for another $8.4 billion to cover first quarter losses. According to Reuters:

Fannie Mae said on Monday it would need an additional $8.4 billion from the U.S. Treasury. The two firms have now tapped about $145 billion from the government and the Obama administration has said it will backstop losses, no matter how high they go, through 2012.
-Fannie and Freddie are being exempted from financial reform legislation.

-Under the direction of Franklin Raines, Fannie Mae purchased the patent for carbon tracking technology.

-Today Congressmen Chaffetz (R-UT) and Rep. Issa (R-CA) sent a letter to the Federal Patent and Trademark office requesting information on said patent.

So, we have the government owning this technology as far back as 2005 and now they have unlimited funds to make sure Cap and Trade, I mean, the American Power Act passes and the technology is put to use.

Check out my May 7 post, Crime Inc. for more information on the climate change scandal.

I'm off to stick my head back under my pillow.

Here's some more light reading if I didn't give you enough:

Washington Examiner on Fannie's Patent

Gov. Christie R-NJ takes on the media

What a breath of fresh air.

Not what I meant by Backyard Chickens

I found my girls taking the term "backyard chickens" a bit too literally this morning.

Economics, a zero sum game?

I read this quote from Science Czar John Holdren last night. In case you aren't familiar with Holdren, he is one spooky dude. He's written in favor of forced abortions and sterilization (even going so far as putting sterilants in the drinking water). He's also in favor of global governance. Go look him up.

Anyway, he said:

"I think ultimately that the rate of growth of material consumption is going to have to come down, and there’s going to have to be a degree of redistribution of how much we consume, in terms of energy and material resources, in order to leave room for people who are poor to become more prosperous."

This triggered my thoughts to something I'd read recently in A Patriot's History of the United States.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

April Deficit Reaches New Heights

The April 2010 deficit numbers were released today.

$82.7 Billion.

That's for April.

That's 4x the deficit from April 2009.

It's 2x the projection.

And that's for April, a month in which the government usually runs a surplus seeing as April 15th is Tax Day.


This is bad.

Very bad.

I'm going to go put my head under a pillow for a while.

More on CCX

Some new developments make the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) even more frighting and I'm not just talking about the Climate Change, I mean, American Power Act.

It seems CCX was purchased by an international company, Intercontinental Inc. Who is on the board of this company?

Maurice Strong.

But who is Maurice Strong?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Google is ready to cash in on Cap and Trade

While we're on the topic of Cap and Trade today, I thought I'd link this little gem.

"Google is also positioning to assume the role of energy police in a brave new world controlled by leftist environmentalists where emitting carbon dioxide will be tantamount to committing a crime and using more energy than absolutely needed will be considered an offense against nature, punishable by a government fine, or maybe even worse," Corsi wrote.

Dan Reicher, director of climate change and energy initiatives at Google, claimed "in general terms a carbon price will do a lot to advance the competitiveness of these technologies that offer serious climate reductions, help for our energy security, increase our domestic fuels and create all sorts of jobs."

As Red Alert has warned, Google also has an Internet-based "power meter" ready to be installed in Americans' homes so the energy police of the future can monitor how efficiently they use energy.

"Not only will excess uses of energy be punishable by fines, you might not get a government-issued license to sell your home unless you meet government-specified standards for insulation, double-paned windows and whatever else the environmental leftists decide you need to meet their standards," Corsi wrote.

Cap and Trade

Thanks to my now-lonely cat, Trevor, I am up earlier than I need to be and even before my coffee is done brewing there is more to write than I have time to get down.

I had plans to do a bit about Kagan and I wanted to introduce Free Press as a player in the internet regulation plan I laid out for you yesterday, but something larger looms on today's horizon like an F5 tornado....Cap and Trade.

No sooner do they ram one 2500 page behemoth through, but they are ready with another. If you haven't read about Crime Inc. yet, now would be the time to do it. John Kerry, D-Mass and Joe Lieberman I-Conn are introducing their climate change bill in the Senate today. They hope the oil spill will help them secure the 60 votes they need to pass it.

So what's in the bill? Who knows. The details have been "closely guarded". So much for transparency. We do know that they have a goal of dropping emissions of greenhouse gases to 17% of 2005 levels by 2020. What? Didn't Joel Rogers just say that they could basically stop the economy and would not make "much of a dent" on CO2 levels.

There is sure to be "renewable" energy in the bill- wind and solar. I heard this week that you would have to cover the entire state of West Virginia with wind mills to generate 10% of the power used in the US.

I can tell you for certain, if this thing passes, it is going to cost you plenty. Think jobs are hard to find now? Wait until they further hamstring American manufacturing. Think gas is high now? Some speculate it could hit $10/gal if Cap and Trade passes. And remember, some bad people stand to get really, really rich off of you.

This topic is sure to be revisited once I've seen the bull, err, I mean bill (gotta love Freudian slips). I'll leave you with one final thought. Who is writing this stuff? It's not the senators or congressmen. It's not Obama. They have these enormous bills ready to go one after another, it's almost as if someone out there already had them drawn up and with just a few tweaks, sends them off to congress or the Regime for introduction. The Apollo Alliance wrote the stimulus after all and they are playing Twister with all the people who stand to make a lot of money if this passes.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Obama is an iPod user

None of which I know how to use, eh? Is it really necessary to lie in a commencement address? Oh, that's right, the whole administration is one big lie.

Obama Attacks Free Speech

I'm sitting here over my first cup of coffee and I still can't get over Obama's comments about information from his commencement address at Hampton University.

First of all, Mr. President, America is a representative republic, not a democracy.

We are "bombarded with information, some of which doesn't rank that high on the truth meter." So is it his job to save us from untruths? How about all the lies that stream from his administration. They think we little people can't get ourselves health care, we are too dumb to pick our own financial products, and now we are unable to sort through what is true or false?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Veggie Tales

I torture you with picture after picture of chickens. I'm afraid I've sunken a step lower today....a photographic tour of my garden.

If anyone is still reading after this....thanks for putting up with me!

Dewberries. What? Weeds in my garden? Never....



Tomato flowers


Baby peaches


Information is a distraction?

Or is the truth distracting from Obama's efforts to "fundamentally transform" this country?

In a commencement address at Hampton University this past weekend, Obama called information "a distraction, diversion". I was looking for, but could not find, the clip of that part alone, but please take the time to fast forward and listen to 7:50-8:40. It was downright chilling.

It sounds to me as though Obama plans to save us all from that distraction. Can you say regulation of the internet and cable TV?

More to come on that when I can wrap my brain around it.

I'm also doing some research on Obama's Supreme Court pick, Elena Kegan. Look for a post on it soon.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Nonsense

It's Mother's Day. I'm a mother. I was awakened by the cat screaming outside the bedroom door at 7:30 followed by a dirty sneaker in my face. "Mom, will you untie this double knot, it's hard."

So as I sip at my second cup of coffee (I made it) I don't have any desire to write anything but fluff.

So here you go!

One of my Golden Comet pullets

Who reminds me of this woman

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there.

Kristin over and out.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Crime Inc.

A den of thieves surrounds the whole Cap and Trade debate. We all know it's a scam....selling air...puh-lease. Not to mention the lack of evidence that Global Warming exists or that CO2 is a dangerous substance.

The whole thing is such a tangled mess, I've felt ill-equipped to address it. But I have to give you some idea of what's going on and maybe you can do a better job sorting it out.

So, what's Cap and Trade? They government proposes to "Cap" the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) industry as a whole can release into the atmosphere. Use less than your allotted amount, you can sell or "Trade" your credits. Use more, you have to buy more.

But how can we measure how much CO2 a company has released? The government has that covered. Fannie Mae bought the patent for the technology under the direction of Franklin Raines. Fannie Mae, you ask, don't they control mortgages? Yes, yes they do, but what better way to keep you off their trail than to put something (say education) where it doesn't belong (like in heath care)? And Franklin Raines, wasn't he the CEO of Fannie Mae who took over $90 million and oversaw the giant's collapse?

Bring on the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). Hmmm, who do we know from Chicago? In 2000 and 2001, the Joyce Foundation granted $1.1 million to help start up the CCX. Who was on the board of the Joyce Foundation? Barack Hussein Obama....Mmm Mmm Mmm. Not only was he on the board, he was director from 1994-2002. Obama's good friend and domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers was on the board too.

Some big names are investors in CCX. First there's Al Gore. Goldman Sachs and its 10% stake. And Maurice Strong who is tied to the Oil-for-Food scandal and Kyoto.

So, recapping so far, we have the Federal Government with the patent to monitor greenhouse gas emissions. We have the President and former vice president tied to a company to do this monitoring. These same people are pushing for a Cap and Trade bill. Of course, they are, they stand to get filthy rich off it.

But it gets more tangled still. In 2009, The Joyce Foundation granted Raines $200,000 to help start Emerald Cities, a "national coalition of diverse groups that includes unions, labor groups, community organizations, social justice advocates, development intermediaries, research and technical assistance providers, socially responsible businesses, and elected officials." Some of these players include Green for All, founded by communist and former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, United Steel Worker's Union, Enterprise Community Partners, the new home of Franklin Raines, Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) and The Apollo Alliance you know, the guys who wrote the stimulus. (As an aside, Jeff Jones, domestic terrorist and Bill Ayres' partner in the Weather Underground is another Founder of The Apollo Alliance.)

Enter Joel Rogers. This guy seems to have his hand in every cookie jar. He is a founder of the Apollo Alliance (again, the guys who wrote the stimulus), he is a founder of Emerald Cities and founder and director of COWS.

All of the structure is in place for some high ranking people to make a whole lot of money off an unsuspecting American People. The government has the technology. CCX is ready to make it happen. Big names in the Green movement have positioned themselves to cash in. All that is missing is the Cap and Trade bill that Mr. Obama and so many in this administration are eager to pass.

I'm sure there are bits I've overlooked and I'll update as I learn more. Let me leave you with a couple of videos. Please, please, please don't just take my word here. Look into it for yourselves and let me know what you discover.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Warm Fuzzy meets Amphibian

I've taken up photography. That doesn't mean I'm good at it yet. It does mean that I am having a heck of a lot of fun with my new camera and Photoshop and have a wicked case of eye strain.

Here's one I took of my Trevor cat as he noticed a little visitor from the wild. I'm rather fond of it.


Perhaps next time, I should Photoshop out the junk on the window, eh?

Net Neutrality

My head is still spinning with what this administration is doing all at the same time to keep us confused. I just found this gem- FCC to move to preserve Net neutrality. This is about the government regulating internet lines.

Once they take that power, they can start to control what is posted on the internet (think Fairness Doctrine on steroids). This has the potential to seriously jeopardize your freedom of speech! Soon, blogs like this one may not be permitted to exist.

Is this still America?

Boys Sent Home for Wearing US Flag

This blows my mind. Yesterday was Cinco De Mayo. We went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant for margaritas.

Yesterday, five students of Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, CA were sent home for wearing US Flag t-shirts and bandanas to school. They were told that they were being insensitive to Mexican-Americans for wearing the US flag on their day and were threatened with suspension if they did not take them off.

Is this still America?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mainstream Media cries they can't sell any papers

I just heard that the Washington Post is selling Newsweek magazine. According to the AP article, they hope someone else can figure out why the magazine has been bleeding dollars for the last three years.

The NY Times and USA Today have been whining about circulation numbers. There has been talk about a bailout for newspapers. Tell me that doesn't send chills down your spine and make you break out in a cold sweat.

CNN and MSNBC's ratings are in a tailspin.

Let me help out these poor, confused people in the media. The American people are tired of being lied to. We're tired of the talking points. We're tired of the chills going up your legs as you swoon over the president. We're tired of your blatant bias.

Try doing your jobs (regardless of your political affiliations) and dig for the truth. Give us the real story. Most of you should be ashamed and have no right to call yourselves journalists.

Bottom line, give us the real story and your numbers will improve. You have to know that's the case. I think you just want to keep reporting your agenda and keep getting paid for it too.

And now that I am done screaming at morons, some chickens-as-people pictures...

My Leghorn, Sunday...

Who reminds me of this woman...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Forget Green, we're going Red

Somehow (even with my public school experience) I grew up getting the message that Communism is bad. Communists were dangerous and people who do not belong in the main stream. Have we already forgotten the atrocities in the USSR?

I'm surprised to see how many people never got that message. People are treating Communism and Socialism as acceptable political choices; just like being a Republican or Democrat. Communists seem to be lurking just outside the coverage of the mainstream media. Don't confuse that with them being underground. They are loudly proclaiming their intentions. They are marching in the streets. They hold high level positions in the government and in the unions. The media is just choosing not to cover it. Instead, the main stream media is intent on finding violence and racism at the Tea Parties.

Until recently, this guy, Andy Stern, was head of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the most frequent guest to the White House.

SEIU members marched at the "astroturf" May Day Rallies. Not only did they march, but they "participated in acts of civil disobedience". Civil disobedience is code for violence and property destruction. You don't see that going on at Tea Parties and if there was any civil disobedience at Tea Parties, you can bet the media would be all over it.

This guy's sign was interesting- Workers voice to stop CEO exploits. Do you realize that there are boss-nappings in France? That's right. Getting a pay cut or a layoff? Just kidnap the boss.

The Socialist Party USA was also a key player in these rallies. Their website says, "May Day is our day. A day when trade unionists, anarchists and socialists gather to state clearly that another world is possible. This other world is a democratic participatory one, where resources are shared for the betterment of humanity."

Other players at these rallies? La Raza (nothing sounds so racist to me as an organization called The Race), the Workers World Party and AFL-CIO. These rallies are being orchestrated from the top, unlike the Tea Parties.

Yesterday, I said that my head was just spinning with all that was going on in the country (and the world for that matter. Unrest in Greece and France is a whole other story). That is the plan. As White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said, you never want a crisis to go to waste.

I believe they are manufacturing, exaggerating and exploiting crises to jam through their radical agenda. Think about it. The Health Care Crisis, Immigration Crisis, Banking Crisis, Housing Crisis, Oil Spill, Climate Change and the list goes on. When do you ever remember so many crises (and I'm sure I'm missing some) at once?

The Administration in conjunction with the Unions and Socialist and Communist Parties are using these "crises" to strip away your freedoms and fundamentally transform this country.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Rainy, Rainy Day

The title says it all.

It has poured all day.

When the power hadn't come back on by lunchtime, I sent the kids out back to build us an ark. No, seriously, I didn't. We had far too little energy for strenuous labor.

On the What's-going-on-in-the-world front, the "other hand" is up to so many things it sets my head to spinning. We have the oil spill which the regime seems to be ignoring long enough to declare no drilling. Ever. Ah-nold took the bait and announced today that there would be no drilling off California.