Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Tax Day. What is this adminstration doing today that should scare the socks off you?

It's April 15, the day that day that some us really feel the weight of how much of what we earned is taken from us and the majority of Americans (who pay no federal income taxes) chatter excitedly about how much money they are getting back.

My advice to anyone who overpays and looks forward to a refund in the spring.....DON'T. It's only a matter of time before the federal government hands out California-style IOU's instead of the money that belongs to you.

I really don't feel like saying much more about income taxes today, but feel like I should address the federal government and your money in some way today, so I think I'll talk about something that hasn't been getting much coverage, Obama's push for regulatory reform.

Yesterday, Obama vowed to "move quickly" on regulatory reform. Of course he wants to move quickly before ticked off American's throw his progressive cronies out of congress this fall. He needs to move quickly before any of us really have a chance to see what is in this plan, just like health care. Like the slush-fund bailouts (which have yet to be spent) he wants to move quickly because everything will collapse if this is not done now, or preferably, yesterday.

When government wants to move quickly on anything, you should get nervous. So let's take a look at what they are actually proposing or at least look at as much as we can decipher (despite promises, transparency is not one of this administration's strong suits).

-This plan creates the Financial Services Oversight Council (FSOC), a massive new agency chaired by the Treasury Dept. This agency will have the power to force financial institutions under its supervision without even requiring the approval of congress (not that their approval means anything anymore).

-The Federal Reserve will be given power to "supervise all firms that could pose a threat to financial stability, even those that do not own banks." The Federal Reserve Bank is already way too powerful, this adds to their almost limitless power to manipulate our economy. The plan's vague language would essentially allow the Fed to take over or shut down any firm it deems to be a risk.

-A new National Bank Supervisor to supervise all federally chartered banks. Another banking czar. Fabulous...

-Creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency. This agency assumes that all consumers are stupid and therefore limits the choices we have to the most basic forms of investments. It requires that we decline basic products before we are allowed to purchase more complex products.

I am in no way a banking or financial expert. But I see some scary stuff here. Anything that creates more government, gives more power to the Fed, limits products available to the people and creates a "Czar" who is not accountable to anyone is scary. I'm sure even more is hidden in these 101 pages but like most Americans (including those whose job is to read it) I have too much to do today to read the whole thing.

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  1. the FED having yet more "The Creature from Jekyll Island" to know more about that....