Friday, April 30, 2010

Ducks, ducks, ducks

I have been working hard at mastering all the features and functions of my new camera while trying to improve the composition of my photographs. I think I'm making progress. Here are yesterday's shots of my aunt's ducks. Over 70 shots were trashed to get these few good ones. Thank goodness for digital. I don't think I'd feel comfortable wasting this much film.

Duck portrait

Three ducks

Fred Touched up

Fred and Mama

And just for comparison, these are the ones that I took two weeks ago with my point-and-shoot.




  1. No contest on the quality of the pics on the new camera vs the old one!

  2. I couldn't be more pleased! Happy early Birthday (Mother's Day.....Anniversary....and the next 2 Christmases) to me.

  3. excellent! and I can identify them by name: first picture: Colonel. second picture: unnamed, Beauty & Greg. third picture: Fred. fourth picture, Mom & Fred. way to go!