Tuesday, April 27, 2010

AZ Law Spurs Congress and Obama into Action (Scary thought)

Immigration reform has been tossed around since the Bush administration and depending on who you ask, it means something completely different. Progressives want amnesty for the millions of illegals in this county. The people living in border states and the majority of Americans want our existing laws to be enforced.

One of the responsibilities that the constitution actually gives to the federal government is to provide for the common defense. It is a federal responsibility to enforce immigration laws. There is a war being waged along our southern border and it is not being reported. The folks in Washington are ignoring the problem in hopes of winning the votes of the illegals pouring into the US.

Phoenix, AZ is now the kidnapping capital of the United States and second only to Mexico City in the world. Drug cartels are committing atrocities on the border, terrorizing local residents and nothing is being done.

Last week, Arizona took matters into its own hands and passed a bill that would help state and local law enforcement to their job. The bill includes common sense provisions such as: No official or agency of this state or a county, city, town or other political subdivision of this state may limit or restrict the enforcement of federal immigration laws to less than the full extent permitted by federal law.

How did Obama take the news? He called it "misguided" and irresponsible then threw everything else onto the back burner (a good thing) to focus on reform (not such a good thing).

What is irresponsible is the federal government refusing to enforce existing laws. We don't need more laws (that likely won't be enforced). We don't need fast-track illegals to citizenship. We need to protect our border. People who want to be citizens need to come in the front door.


  1. The morality of enforcement is already abandoned. The cost of enforcement is Federal responsibility.
    Border states cannot continue to support this massive influx.

    Yet as suggested earlier, since the current administration can solicit (illegal by the way) votes from illegals, this is better for the requisite "change" promised to us all (ugh!)

    Unfortunately, the AZ law may be unconstitutional, or so the leftist media suggests.

    WHO will take the step of checking actual legal status and finding illegals? I remember the European model where all passports were checked upon registration into hotels, etc. Although intrusive to me as a visitor, I accepted it as part of the other contry's system. I do not want US citizenship to be "branded" by a birth-chip (Hillary-Care revisited?). I LOVE my freedom, and am unwilling to lose that to the new regime which says, "Now we need to check into your "status" as legal or illegal." Is a subcutaneous chip the next step? NO, NO, NO! (

    I do not think AZ is a pawn of the current administration in this. However, when a benefit is received, or a crime is committed, I am willing to see that those benefits or penalties are given to those who actually deserve them....legal or illegal! How to manage this? I'm not exactly sure.

    By the way, why exactly did my daughter-in-law require a 7-(approx.) year term to become a legal citizen, whe she was upright, brilliant, and in love with my son and already mnother of their marriage/child?

    Illegal aliens only apparently need to be willing to cross a border illegally. Where is "equal under the law" in this?

    Where is constitutional law?

    Why do we continue to accept this as "the way it is"???

    We MUST act responsibly and get this corrected!

  2. ...sorry about the typos...can you see I'm a bit empassioned on this one?

  3. So now we MUST show proof that we have health insurance or suffer having the IRS set on us but we MUST NOT require that "visitors" to this country prove that they have crossed our borders legally. Also--If pulled over in my car for speeding the first things I am required to produce are my license and registration. But HOW DARE we require ANYONE to produce proof of legal immigration status. Beam me up. This is America???