Thursday, April 29, 2010

Itty Bitty Biddies

I'd mentioned earlier that I thought my husband was helping with this whole chicken thing just to indulge me. On Friday, he proved that he really likes the chickies when he called to tell me he found some biddies and what breeds did I want?

Buffy again
He came home with a Buff Orphington.

Moral Support
A Gold-laced Wyandotte and an Araucana.

Pitiful little thing
Unfortunately the Wyandotte baby had something wrong with her foot and kept holding it in the air. She was eating and drinking a little, but not putting on weight like the other chicks.

When we got home from karate practice last night, the chick was lying in the bin. I though she was dead, but a closer look revealed shallow breathing. We brought her into the house and took turns holding her to keep her warm until she finally gave up about thirty minutes later. We buried her under the redbud tree.

The kids are taking it really hard. I think it's mostly that it came the day after we lost Myles than feelings for the chick itself. It's not been an easy couple of days.

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  1. pouty face for the chick. happy face for our "HH" - Husband Hero.