Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Peeps

I was preparing a piece on Goldman Sachs, but there are just so many directions to go there (is Goldman the Fed?, campaign donations to Obama, donations to Reid etc, etc) I've decided to post pics of my new biddies until I can get enough caffeine in my system to get Goldman straight in my head.

Two Easter-eggers (the brown ones), a blue Maran and a Frizzle Easter Egger.

This is the blue Maran. They lay dark brown eggs. I was hoping for a black copper Maran which lay chocolate brown ones.

The little black one is a Frizzle Easter Egger. Frizzle means its feathers all stick out instead of resting against its body, giving it a wind-blown look. My mom had to have it. The Easter Eggers lay blue/green eggs. The smaller brown Easter Egger chirps like a cricket, it's too sweet. So, I named her Cricket.

We are going to start listing our free range eggs for sale this fall. If you're nearby and interested, you know how to contact me.

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  1. That little black frizzle is the cutest peep ever!!