Thursday, April 29, 2010

Puerto Rico the 51st State?

Puerto Rico does not want to be a state. The people have voted no three times. But the people's wishes mean nothing to Progressives.

Sneaking through congress today is a bill (HR 2499) that would force Puerto Rico to vote whether they are content with the status quo. Not whether they want to be a state. No. We know what that answer would be. But Are they content with the status quo.

Are you? I'll bet that we can be on opposite ends of the political spectrum and we would both answer no. This is a backdoor move to force Puerto Rico into statehood. And with it, more votes for the Progressives. Add this to voting for felons, amnesty for illegals and the nearly 50% of Americans who pay no income taxes and they will have an unbeatable voting bloc.


  1. Oh dear. It just goes on and on. And now our beloved Gulf of Mexico is befouled and on whom will that be blamed?? It just gets harder and harder to watch the other hand.

  2. Political language, always couched so you have to think about what it says.....too difficult for the ever-larger numbers of uneducated and indoctrinated, not to mention illegal people here.

    I can only imagine what status quo the government is asking about ...the one where no one has a real voice any more? ...the one where the voice, if used, is designed to say what the person didn't mean to say? ...the one where the new minority (educated constitutionally-based folks) gets to be unheard and totally disregarded?

    My head continues to shake NO....

    But then, by design, I'll be misunderstood by the governmental language. "They" will say that I am not satisfied with the status quo (a no to their question was planned) and am voting in favor of Puerto Rico statehood! But my NO is not to their question, it is my answer: No I am not in favor of Puerto Rico statehood however the question is put before me.