Friday, May 7, 2010

Crime Inc.

A den of thieves surrounds the whole Cap and Trade debate. We all know it's a scam....selling air...puh-lease. Not to mention the lack of evidence that Global Warming exists or that CO2 is a dangerous substance.

The whole thing is such a tangled mess, I've felt ill-equipped to address it. But I have to give you some idea of what's going on and maybe you can do a better job sorting it out.

So, what's Cap and Trade? They government proposes to "Cap" the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) industry as a whole can release into the atmosphere. Use less than your allotted amount, you can sell or "Trade" your credits. Use more, you have to buy more.

But how can we measure how much CO2 a company has released? The government has that covered. Fannie Mae bought the patent for the technology under the direction of Franklin Raines. Fannie Mae, you ask, don't they control mortgages? Yes, yes they do, but what better way to keep you off their trail than to put something (say education) where it doesn't belong (like in heath care)? And Franklin Raines, wasn't he the CEO of Fannie Mae who took over $90 million and oversaw the giant's collapse?

Bring on the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX). Hmmm, who do we know from Chicago? In 2000 and 2001, the Joyce Foundation granted $1.1 million to help start up the CCX. Who was on the board of the Joyce Foundation? Barack Hussein Obama....Mmm Mmm Mmm. Not only was he on the board, he was director from 1994-2002. Obama's good friend and domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers was on the board too.

Some big names are investors in CCX. First there's Al Gore. Goldman Sachs and its 10% stake. And Maurice Strong who is tied to the Oil-for-Food scandal and Kyoto.

So, recapping so far, we have the Federal Government with the patent to monitor greenhouse gas emissions. We have the President and former vice president tied to a company to do this monitoring. These same people are pushing for a Cap and Trade bill. Of course, they are, they stand to get filthy rich off it.

But it gets more tangled still. In 2009, The Joyce Foundation granted Raines $200,000 to help start Emerald Cities, a "national coalition of diverse groups that includes unions, labor groups, community organizations, social justice advocates, development intermediaries, research and technical assistance providers, socially responsible businesses, and elected officials." Some of these players include Green for All, founded by communist and former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones, United Steel Worker's Union, Enterprise Community Partners, the new home of Franklin Raines, Center on Wisconsin Strategy (COWS) and The Apollo Alliance you know, the guys who wrote the stimulus. (As an aside, Jeff Jones, domestic terrorist and Bill Ayres' partner in the Weather Underground is another Founder of The Apollo Alliance.)

Enter Joel Rogers. This guy seems to have his hand in every cookie jar. He is a founder of the Apollo Alliance (again, the guys who wrote the stimulus), he is a founder of Emerald Cities and founder and director of COWS.

All of the structure is in place for some high ranking people to make a whole lot of money off an unsuspecting American People. The government has the technology. CCX is ready to make it happen. Big names in the Green movement have positioned themselves to cash in. All that is missing is the Cap and Trade bill that Mr. Obama and so many in this administration are eager to pass.

I'm sure there are bits I've overlooked and I'll update as I learn more. Let me leave you with a couple of videos. Please, please, please don't just take my word here. Look into it for yourselves and let me know what you discover.


  1. I'm glad you are spreading this story to the people who are not following Glenn's program. He just said on his radio show that there will be new revelations re this scandal on Monday's TV show--He just needs to vet his sources to be sure all is rock solid. How many "other hands" can we keep our eyes on?? My head just spins when it is not shaking with sorrow for our nation and fear for my kids' and grandkids' futures.

  2. I KNOW I posted a comment this am...but it's not here....basically it was about how California was the test case in successful criminal cap-in-trade. They (almost everyone) got away with it!