Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Forget Green, we're going Red

Somehow (even with my public school experience) I grew up getting the message that Communism is bad. Communists were dangerous and people who do not belong in the main stream. Have we already forgotten the atrocities in the USSR?

I'm surprised to see how many people never got that message. People are treating Communism and Socialism as acceptable political choices; just like being a Republican or Democrat. Communists seem to be lurking just outside the coverage of the mainstream media. Don't confuse that with them being underground. They are loudly proclaiming their intentions. They are marching in the streets. They hold high level positions in the government and in the unions. The media is just choosing not to cover it. Instead, the main stream media is intent on finding violence and racism at the Tea Parties.

Until recently, this guy, Andy Stern, was head of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the most frequent guest to the White House.

SEIU members marched at the "astroturf" May Day Rallies. Not only did they march, but they "participated in acts of civil disobedience". Civil disobedience is code for violence and property destruction. You don't see that going on at Tea Parties and if there was any civil disobedience at Tea Parties, you can bet the media would be all over it.

This guy's sign was interesting- Workers voice to stop CEO exploits. Do you realize that there are boss-nappings in France? That's right. Getting a pay cut or a layoff? Just kidnap the boss.

The Socialist Party USA was also a key player in these rallies. Their website says, "May Day is our day. A day when trade unionists, anarchists and socialists gather to state clearly that another world is possible. This other world is a democratic participatory one, where resources are shared for the betterment of humanity."

Other players at these rallies? La Raza (nothing sounds so racist to me as an organization called The Race), the Workers World Party and AFL-CIO. These rallies are being orchestrated from the top, unlike the Tea Parties.

Yesterday, I said that my head was just spinning with all that was going on in the country (and the world for that matter. Unrest in Greece and France is a whole other story). That is the plan. As White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said, you never want a crisis to go to waste.

I believe they are manufacturing, exaggerating and exploiting crises to jam through their radical agenda. Think about it. The Health Care Crisis, Immigration Crisis, Banking Crisis, Housing Crisis, Oil Spill, Climate Change and the list goes on. When do you ever remember so many crises (and I'm sure I'm missing some) at once?

The Administration in conjunction with the Unions and Socialist and Communist Parties are using these "crises" to strip away your freedoms and fundamentally transform this country.

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  1. An old power trick: cause a war and you get to stay in power to fight it.

    People are battered enough having to work to keep food in family mouths (those who actually work, that is). The overwhelm of the current onslaught of crises psychologically shuts people down.

    How do we remain diligent when by political design we are artfully played?

    ACTION is God's way. Let's remember that and continue to continue.