Friday, May 21, 2010

Obama cracks down on emissions by fiat

No congressional review. No vote. Yesterday, America's Dictator-in-chief announced the new National Fuel Efficiency Policy.

For the first time ever, these new CAFE standards take aim at trucks. You know, the rigs that move America.

Obama is also calling for more electric vehicles. Apparently, BO has forgotten (or not) that most of our electricity comes from burning coal, an industry he has long planned to bankrupt. If this keeps up, it looks like we'll all be riding horses by 2017. That is, until DHS takes your hay field.


  1. Nope. Horses emit far to much greenhouse gas. It's for the better this way, the public travels less and is much more easy to control. Our Emperor is so wise.

  2. one of the biggest governing problems for a dictatorship in the US is our freedom to travel. yeppers, that too will be restricted. watch out for that ride.