Thursday, May 6, 2010

Boys Sent Home for Wearing US Flag

This blows my mind. Yesterday was Cinco De Mayo. We went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant for margaritas.

Yesterday, five students of Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, CA were sent home for wearing US Flag t-shirts and bandanas to school. They were told that they were being insensitive to Mexican-Americans for wearing the US flag on their day and were threatened with suspension if they did not take them off.

Is this still America?

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  1. Oh my you see why I left California? Most likely, the principal who made the decision was Mexican or a product of California's very liberal education system. I believe the white population in San Diego dipped below 55% and Hispanic was at about 45%.

    The school camp where I worked did have a dress code...including "no colors", which could be interpreted as US flag in the most extreme thinking....but to my knowledge, no 6th grader tested this. Everyone understood that the dress code was to put aside "gang colors." The whole purpose of the school was to provide thinking that brings tolerance toward those who think differently regardless of culture or religion while experiencing science outdoors. This means a two-way exchange, not a simple "do it our way only" mandate. This gave opportunity to actually experience US freedoms at their best.

    Aren't we happy CA families are still looking for freedom of speech? :-)