Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cap and Trade

Thanks to my now-lonely cat, Trevor, I am up earlier than I need to be and even before my coffee is done brewing there is more to write than I have time to get down.

I had plans to do a bit about Kagan and I wanted to introduce Free Press as a player in the internet regulation plan I laid out for you yesterday, but something larger looms on today's horizon like an F5 tornado....Cap and Trade.

No sooner do they ram one 2500 page behemoth through, but they are ready with another. If you haven't read about Crime Inc. yet, now would be the time to do it. John Kerry, D-Mass and Joe Lieberman I-Conn are introducing their climate change bill in the Senate today. They hope the oil spill will help them secure the 60 votes they need to pass it.

So what's in the bill? Who knows. The details have been "closely guarded". So much for transparency. We do know that they have a goal of dropping emissions of greenhouse gases to 17% of 2005 levels by 2020. What? Didn't Joel Rogers just say that they could basically stop the economy and would not make "much of a dent" on CO2 levels.

There is sure to be "renewable" energy in the bill- wind and solar. I heard this week that you would have to cover the entire state of West Virginia with wind mills to generate 10% of the power used in the US.

I can tell you for certain, if this thing passes, it is going to cost you plenty. Think jobs are hard to find now? Wait until they further hamstring American manufacturing. Think gas is high now? Some speculate it could hit $10/gal if Cap and Trade passes. And remember, some bad people stand to get really, really rich off of you.

This topic is sure to be revisited once I've seen the bull, err, I mean bill (gotta love Freudian slips). I'll leave you with one final thought. Who is writing this stuff? It's not the senators or congressmen. It's not Obama. They have these enormous bills ready to go one after another, it's almost as if someone out there already had them drawn up and with just a few tweaks, sends them off to congress or the Regime for introduction. The Apollo Alliance wrote the stimulus after all and they are playing Twister with all the people who stand to make a lot of money if this passes.

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