Friday, May 28, 2010

Our New Kitty

Only once have I begged someone for his cat. Only once have I conspired to cat-nap a feline. Of course, I would never go through with such a thing, but I love, love, loved my aunt's neighbor's cat Marauder.

On Monday, I was unpacking from our beach vacation when I got a call from my aunt. Her neighbors were moving and were not taking Marauder with them. Did I want him?

Did I want him!?!?

I had the kids loaded in the car in 10 minutes flat.

Marauder had been living outside for as long as I'd known him so I knew a trip to the vet was required before he could come home. Poor thing went from being free to being locked on my aunt's porch, shoved into a carrier, driven 45 minutes, dropped at the vet where he was poked, prodded, snipped and stitched then left there overnight.

We brought him home Tuesday afternoon and he has been the most dear sweet thing ever since. I gave him a good grooming and he was very tolerant as I removed mats and burrs.

On Wednesday, my peep said, "Marauder looks like a different cat." I asked him why and he said, "Because he's been all Furminated!".

We're happy to have him as part of the family and I'm sure Trevor will agree...eventually.

We locked Marauder on the sun porch for two days until we were sure he would use the box. He does.

He loves me. He loves the kids. I am sure he'll love my husband. We love him too!

This picture was from the day after surgery. He was still looking a little rough.


  1. he is a love, and you've saved a wonderful boy! he purrs with just a look, and anyone who knows what a puppu-cat is, that's Marauder!