Saturday, May 29, 2010

Obama blames Clinton

This Sestak thing has me hot. In case you aren't familiar with what's going on, Sestak ran against Specter in the PA democratic primary and won. Sestak claims that the regime offered him an inside job to keep him from running against Specter.

The regime denied any wrongdoing until they announced yesterday afternoon (that's right, the Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend) that Bill Clinton acted as the intermediary and it was Bill who offered Sestak the job.

That's right, former-president Clinton who has absolutely ZERO authority to hire anyone offered Sestak a job with the regime. Are you buying it? Is it any coincidence that Obama and Clinton met on Thursday? I'm sure they had to get their stories straight.

And what really hacks me off, it that they will probably get away with it. There is a double standard when it comes to liberals and conservatives. Somehow liberals are allowed to lie, cheat, steal, have affairs, sleep with staffers, run prostitution rings, etc and get away with it!


  1. Oh, I'm sure we can believe Bill Clinton. He would never lie to the American people. I guess it's all just a silly misunderstanding.

    November 2012 seems like it's 100 years away.

  2. I wonder how much Clinton was paid for taking the fall on this one.

  3. well, maybe Bill will be offering his wife a guaranteed power structure machine for her next presidential run.