Thursday, May 13, 2010

April Deficit Reaches New Heights

The April 2010 deficit numbers were released today.

$82.7 Billion.

That's for April.

That's 4x the deficit from April 2009.

It's 2x the projection.

And that's for April, a month in which the government usually runs a surplus seeing as April 15th is Tax Day.


This is bad.

Very bad.

I'm going to go put my head under a pillow for a while.


  1. if our heads are under pillows, how do we influence the fix? your head has been more like.......a gopher popping up and being there to be shot. thank you, thank you, thank you, for understanding what's going on and helping others to see. it just might be that MY head is coming out from under that pillow! LOVE YOU.

  2. Please refer to my comment to your previous post: "LA LA LA LA LA!!!!! Dear God: We need you more than ever! Continue with you good work Kristin!!! Is anybody listening?? Knock Knock!!! Are you there out there??? Open your eyes!! Are you listening people???? Are YOU going to DO anything about this?? Kristin and others like her cannot do it alone. KNOCK KNOCK..........Are you there??????

  3. Time to start buying gold and silver.