Friday, March 26, 2010

We've Ticked Off 70% of the Country - We Need More Voters!

According to Rasmussen, 70% of Americans are angry at the Federal Government's policies. Congress' approval is hovering in the teens, 55% of Americans favor repealing the Health Care Bill and only 26% believe that the country is headed in the right direction.

So our Liberal Congress and the Obama Administration have successfully alienated 70% of the country. How then are they going to maintain their power.

Never fear! They have a plan. Actually, be very, very afraid. The majority of voters disapprove? That's fine. There's no reason to actually listen to the people, represent them and respect their wishes - just get new voters!

The first group they have their sights set on is illegal aliens. With healthcare still hot on the minds of an angry public, they are seeking citizenship for an estimated 12 million illegal aliens. This was a hot topic several years ago with the majority of Americans opposed to the idea. Most believed then that illegals are a strain on our economy, that immigration status should be checked at routine traffic stops and that controlling the border is more important than legalizing aliens. How's that fence coming along anyway, Janet?

Twelve million may not be quite enough, so how about voting rights for convicted felons? Those poor, misunderstood people are disenfranchised and we need to seek to re-enfranchise them. (I wasn't aware that re-enfranchise was a word either, but I found it used several times here and had to throw it in I guess we need to restore their right to own and carry firearms too. Disenfranchisement is so bad for mental health, this is practically preventative medicine. Just think of the health care savings!

We're almost to a majority now, just a few more votes should do it. Oh, oh, how about students and young adults? Get the kids young and shape their malleable little minds. Why else would the health care bill contain a provision that puts the government in charge of student loans. The policies of the last fifty-plus years have taken mom out of the house and put children into schools and daycare for more hours each week than they spend with their parents. I can personally attest to the fact that you have to practically sign over the rights to your child when you enroll him in public school.

In wrapping up this post, I feel like I need to provide some sage advice or action plan. Unfortunately, I don't have any. The best thing I can offer is pray for our country and protect the hearts and minds of your children. Teach them the truth about God, our founding fathers and our constitution.

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  1. action plan: bring together a voting block of our own which melds Republican/Tea/and yes even Democrat people who still believe in self-direction. let the block locate the leaders for whom we can all vote. what to name this new party? May I suggest "Freedom First"?