Monday, August 9, 2010

Homeschooling Update

The first day went great! The boys got a little restless in the third hour, but settled down when I told them that I would happily keep teaching until 3 o'clock--when 1st grade lets out in public school. That settled them down.

We got our core curriculum done in just under 3 hours then spent the afternoon playing with the birds, reading Dr. Doolittle and practicing our handwriting on the new dry-erase mats Grandma brought by (I'll spare you the details on the laundry, gardening and cleaning the cat box).

Another couple days like this and I will be able to reclaim my part in saving the Republic from Tyranny.

Oh, and for the first time, 6 eggs today!


  1. I'm glad that school is starting off smoothly!
    Wow, 6 eggs! That's great kris!

  2. I believe that the indoctrination of two and maybe three generations of school children is a lot of what has put this country in the mess it's in. Home-schooling is definately a step in the right direction; why do you think the powers-that-be are so against it?

  3. Keep at it Kristen. I have been amazed at the young people I have met who were home schooled: intelligent, well mannered, thoughtful and just generally good kids.

    There is a difference. Great choice.

  4. What you are doing now will make a greater impact for good than campaigning for any candidate.

  5. Isn't it strange how home schooling can get the same thing done in half that time as public schools.

  6. great job, Kristen. Your kids will thank you one day.

  7. As usual, you persevered and "finished the drill", Kristin. Thank you for your service to your family, community and country!

  8. What a delight that your kids are still allowed to be kids.....enough time to learn "core curriculum" and lots of time still to learn from play. It's the play-time that makes them such engaging and social beings, not bored drop-outs. You go, girl.

  9. You are a wonderful mother, Kristen.
    I know you're lucky children will have the best education ever.
    It's so cool they will know about chickens, and gardening and all you do.
    Have a fun weekend.