Friday, August 6, 2010

The Obama Vacations

I am sick to death of the First Family jetting around the world at the taxpayers expense. When the wannabe dictator isn't living it up on my dime, he's chilling on the golf course-- or doing both at the same time!

This week, Queen Michelle and one of the first daughters packed their Louis Vuitton and set off to Coastal Spain for some some five-star fun with 40 of her closest friends and photos with Spain's royal family. The cost of Air Force Two alone is estimated at almost $150,000! Add in the cost of the Ritz ($500-2500/night), secret service detail, meals and other expenses and there's no telling what this little trip cost Joe Average. At the same time, Princess Pelosi is calling congress back to Washington for an emergency, multi-billion dollar bailout for teachers (*cough* teachers unions?) I wonder just how many teachers could be employed by the cost of this trip alone. But this isn't even the tip of the iceberg!

Queen Michelle dipped her toes in the surf in Panama City Beach, FL last month, and apparently liked it so much that the first family is going there again on August 14-15. Do us a favor and leave the Redneck Riviera alone.

July 16, 2010, the First Family needed a break from the Washington heat so took a jaunt up to the coast of Maine. You wouldn't really expect them to ride on the same plane as a dog, would you? Good, because the first pooch got his own ride.

In June, Queen Michelle and the First Daughters hit the left coast! After some time at Camp Pendleton, they visited Lucques for a sustainable dining experience. Then the American Royal Family (including Grandma) checked out the 6th game of the NBA finals. What did those tickets set us back?

For Memorial Day, the Wannabe skipped out on tradition, deciding instead to head home to Chicago for the weekend. Perhaps he needed to meet with Ayers or burn a few skeletons in the closet. Either way, his trip was rained out and he was heckled on a bus. (Oops, looks like that video was scrubbed, wouldn't want to tarnish his image). Bummer, Obummer, looks like the trip wasn't all you'd hoped for.

Michelle, Grandma and the girls jetted off to NYC for spring break (March '10). Living it up in the Big Apple they hit Broadway, visited the Statue of Liberty (wonder if they spat on it), and toured the Empire State Building.

I'm not much for the cold and apparently neither are the Obamas; they decided to spend Christmas '09 in Hawaii. Nothing like sandy beaches and tropical waters to energize a person to destroy, I mean transform a country.

Before this, in December '09 the Wannabe hit Copenhagen (again) for a climate change conference.

The first trip to Copenhagen in October '09 was meant to bring the Olympics to Chicago. The mission was an utter failure, but cost the taxpayers an estimated $10 million.

August '09, the First Fam beat the heat in Martha's Vineyard.

And don't forget that $250k NYC date night the King and Queen had in May '09.

That is 11 vacations in just over a year! I'm not even counting all of Obama's official trips which amount to little more than a continuation of his campaign.

While the rest of us have tightened our belts and are praying to keep our jobs, the President and his wife are living it up like royalty. Obama, do like the rest of us and STAY HOME, we're tired of footing your bills!


  1. Wow. That's a good post, Kristin. Meanwhile we little people clean our own houses, mow our own lawns, cook our own meals, etc etc AFTER putting in a a full 8-10 hour day at work--IF we're lucky enough to actually HAVE a JOB!!! Talk about a thumb in the eye.

  2. They don't care about us little people and our suffering.If they want to spread the wealth then why don't they start at home? They should be living in a socialist commune instead of the rich and famous.

  3. Hi Kirsten: I am very mad about this too! It's criminal. She's WORSE than marie antoinette. ANd, all the money wasted going to/from Chicago for campaign fundraising. They are living like ghetto lotto winners because they know the jig will be up for them soon.

  4. And in related news:

  5. Don't you know...the Obamas have that "entitlement mentality". Parties and vacations while he destroys the country.

  6. We need a full accounting of the taxpayer's cost of this vacation. This is outrageous.

  7. How I long to be on the beach and at the sea and dearly hope I can work without being ready to fall onto the floor because that would probably not feel like a massage if you know what I'm saying nudge nudge. wink wink.

  8. To liberals/pinkos/progressives/fascists/socialists/commies there are only two classes of people... Them and us. It's do as I day not do as I do!.. These people are absolutely shameless and utterly disgusting.

  9. I agree with Josephs Journal: once the accounting is complete, we need to send the Obama family the bill. They need to realize the cost is not free.

  10. WOW, they are busy. sounds like my schedule ... I do wish I could find some kind folks to pay for it though.