Friday, July 16, 2010

Obama's Golf Addiction

I came across this article this afternoon and just had to share.

Barry has played 41 rounds of golf since becoming president.


The article breaks that down to five work weeks spent on the golf course.

For the "Blame Bush" crowd, Dubya played 23 rounds total.
I for one am sick of this guy gallivanting around the world on the taxpayer dime. How about that date night which cost us little people anywhere from $75k to $250k depending on who you ask?

The only comfort I have is that maybe he isn't working on the destruction, I mean transformation of America when he's on the course. Oh wait, his handlers are still working....

Emphatically not invited for the most part are members of Congress or senior White House aides.

And they can always reach him on his Blackberry.


  1. Golf isn't all he's addicted to. I'm sick of this crap too.
    He better pay USA back when he gets kicked out of office for treason.

  2. Kristin, you are a God send with your grasp of the really "Oh did you know?" stuff. Don't you ever give that S.O.B. a break ... And some how I don't think you will. You're my kind of girl, Beautiful, smart, sneaky, and with both feet firmly on the ground. ( I love rereading my comments. They really make me snort with laughter.)

  3. Like the liberal mindset suggests, it's all about Barry. Unfortunately, I do wish that he would be so apathetic that he's stop destroying the country.

  4. I personally would like to see him play less golf and more basketball. It requires members of his staff (with no skills) to make him look good. No to mention it's a lot harder to check your Blackberry in a pick up game. Then again, maybe fencing would be better for everyone.

  5. Fencing? I wouldn't mind seeing him take up recreational dueling.

  6. How about mountain climbing...that would keep his hands busy and the reception up there isn't very good for his Blackberry.

  7. 41 rounds of golf in less than two years.


    Being president is harrrrrrrrrd.

  8. Obama Putts while America burns.

  9. Let's see, I've played maybel 10 rounds of golf in 20 years.....and that was plenty! But then, I'm not President who MUST use taxpayer money like there's no end.

    The tally must truly be staggering: dollars spent for self, family & cronies, I mean. Already staggering is the money spent for ill-conceived legislation that must be rescinded once taxpayers see the true picture.

    Is there anything that can be done (aside from more laws and control) that can put a stop to all this insanity? Oh, sorry, I guess that finanical bill didn't see fit to restrict The President.

  10. no time for the oil awaits!..!!! .hope your weekend is's hot hot hot here!!:)