Thursday, July 29, 2010

So many eggs!

Five birds have laid so far today. This is the most I've ever gotten in a day and I still expect an egg from the barred rock who hasn't laid in 2 days.

Sunday sang the longest egg song ever!

So long that Peg decided she didn't need to sing at all.


  1. Pretty pretty eggs! Love the egg songs. :)

  2. How'd that white one get in there? (Or is it really light green?)

    Cool! One of my favorite things about living in a rural area was harvesting our own hen eggs. It feels good.

  3. The white one is from my leghorn, Sunday. My son just HAD to have her from Tractor Supply. A white egg here and there is nice and I'm rather fond of her flopped-over comb.

  4. Cool! I don't think we ever had one of those. But, my wife was the "real" chicken raiser. I just kinda enjoyed the view, and the eggs.