Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wannabe Dictator Speaks on Immigration Reform

Warning: Don your brown shoes and do not watch this on a full stomach.

Here are some of the highlights (lowlights?):
- Barry claimed that the southern border is more secure than at any time in 20 years

Tell that to the people living along the border. Did we not just cede 80 miles of the AZ border to the drug cartels?

- He doubted that borders can be controlled with fences and border patrols

Couldn't hurt, could they? How about shooting illegals trying to cross on site as soon as they step over the line? A "Dead Zone" seemed to work in Andersonville.

- More slams on the AZ law

Has he read it yet? It is almost identical to the Federal Law.

- He claimed that our laws are unenforceable and infringe on the rights of citizens

Umm, speechless here.

- Then claimed that illegals are woven into the fabric of America

No, they are not. They broke the law. Yes we are a country of immigrants. Come in the front door!

- He expressed doubt that we could possibly deport 11 mil illegals

What happened to yes we can?

- Then attempted to persuade us that illegal immigration gives the US an advantage.

Huh? What!? They soak up our resources and send their earning back to Mexico!


  1. Basically, from what I can tell - Obama is doing the same the Bush tried - only more of it.

  2. Bush was progressive-light. Obama is full-out Marxist. We can only hope he doesn't succeed.

  3. "- He claimed that our laws are unenforceable and infringe on the rights of citizens"

    Tranlsation: We won't enforce our laws.
    Makes me SICK.

  4. Unless it's laws he WANTS to enforce b/c they benefit him. :(

  5. Well done Kristen. That speech was a propaganda fest, wasn't it?

  6. In the speech, Obama said that being American “is not a matter of blood or birth.”

    Translation: Somebody found his birth certificate.

  7. So he's Kenyan and Caucasian?

  8. Kristin, I owe you an apology. I can't watch this video with that communist lying to the American people. The only good thing out of all of this is so many know, if he opens his mouth, he's lying.

  9. That's why I gave you the low-lights, Odie. I did the dirty work and watched it for you, no sense all of us getting sick.

  10. MSNBC has a poll to see what Americans really think about the AZ law (I think they don't want the answer, really) the link is: new-law-on-illegal-immigration do-you-support-arizonas-tough-new-law-on-illegal-immigration>

  11. Interesting Gail. Even though the question is misleading. The AZ Law only allows police to question someone if they have another reason to stop them (speeding, armed robbery, etc). Obama was wrong when he said that parents taking their kids for ice cream may be stopped.

    Based on this poll, over 95% of Americans think AZ Law Enforcement should be able to ask if they suspect someone is here illegally.

    The DoJ is totally out of touch.