Thursday, July 15, 2010

White House issues new Health Care mandates

The wanna-be dictator strikes again. Yesterday, the White House announced that insurers must offer many screenings, preventative care and counseling at no cost. Some of these treatments include: vaccines, cancer screenings, well-child visits and even counseling to help quit smoking!

WASHINGTON — The White House on Wednesday issued new rules requiring health insurance companies to provide free coverage for dozens of screenings, laboratory tests and other types of preventive care.

Ignoring the fact that the Constitution gives the government no right to have even passed this healthcare law, what gives Obama the right to give these mandates to private businesses?

Welcome to socialism, people. The government controls everything for the "public good".


  1. Oh this is going to only get worse as it goes. So much of the legistlation was purposely written with vague interpretable language that we'll spend years getting these mandates shoved down from the various czars (also illegal by the way...) as they interpret the meaning and intent of the law in their eyes (meaning "what will get us favorable poll numbers and votes next election...).

    All I know is for my part... MY health care is going up next year (premiums 15%, copays 25%, prescription coverage 40%) while the majority of people at my company are getting free copays and 15% to 50% cuts in their fees and premiums.... seems even though I am middle class my job bracket is deemed 'able to subsidize more needful pay bands'. Ahhh.... I struggle to pay my bills and am way far away from the magical $250,000 "rich guy" mark, yet now *I* have to have my money go to subsidize this disgraceful health care plan?

    My money... I'll just wave as it passes by on the Redistribution Express....

  2. "what gives Obama the right to give these mandates to private businesses?" That's a good question that no one higher up seems to be asking or demanding an answer to.

  3. How about that? More control. Who would have thought of that?

  4. I hope the courts overturn this soon.

  5. Our representatives on the right are very quiet during much of this. They need to speak up and stop fearing the leftist press.

  6. I agree Odie, we need to have a loud discussion with follow-through. ACTION: All Citizens Taking Inventory On Nefarious .....