Friday, July 23, 2010

'Lose Christianity or face expulsion'

Augusta State University graduate student, Jen Keeton has been told to drop her Christian beliefs on homosexuality or face expulsion.

"Anderson-Wiley confirmed that Miss Keeton will not be able to successfully complete the remediation plan and thus complete the ASU counseling program unless she commits to affirming the propriety of gay and lesbian relationships if such an opportunity arises in her future professional efforts,"

At the same time, our touchy-feely Left feels the need to protect Muslims and side with Islam at all cost. 

I have a theory that leftists have an inability to connect the dots. They go right from A to D without considering B and C. I wonder, have they considered Islam's take on homosexuality?

Same-sex intercourse carries the death penalty in five officially Muslim nations: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Mauritania, Sudan, and Yemen.  It formerly carried the death penalty in Afghanistan under the Taliban, and in Iraq under a 2001 decree by Saddam Hussein.


  1. We are seeing a reverse discrimination now in this country. They call it "social justice". It's a hard time to be a Christian in this country. In Dearborn Mich. Christians were kicked out of the Arab festival held on public property by public police officers. I think the left conect the dots but they think "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". And they just can't see far enough into the future when Islam stones them for being liberal. As long as liberals and Islam hate Christians together they are friends. God told us this would happen and He never said it would be easy to be a Christian. I have had all kinds of threats on my blog from both the left and Muslims for some of my posts. But I would rather die then leave my country the way they want it to my kids without a fight. You should read the book America Alone.

  2. Kristin,
    You are so right. Not only can't the left connect the dots I am thinking they cannot see them.

    When I listen to them they speak like programmed droids that haven't a clue what the words mean and need only to be repeated over and over.

    I guess the thing about the left is that they have no need of God as they are their own gods.


  3. This is just discrimination plain and simple. I don't understand the backlash, the pervasive influx of what has come down to a militant acceptance standard being issued throughout our public schools and colleges. If someone wants to be gay, fine. Be gay. But don't expect someone who doesn't agree with the gay lifestyle to support the cause. That's obnoxious and oppressive to someone else's set of morals. Equality doesn't equate to compromising one's principles in lieu of someone else's moral standard or lack thereof.

  4. Kristin, you haven't heard this yet from me. "Gay" is a perfectly good word the PC crowd ruined. The proper word, and the one I chose to use, is homosexual.

    And as for the article, what a bunch of PC crap! Academia really wants to shape and control human thought. Start by reading my mind Augusta State University ... it's really ugly right now!

  5. Gay means happy and I like rainbows, dang it!

  6. ...and as a child, my nick name was "Gay Gay".... No one dares use that one on me these days.

    ...the kind of discrimination you speak of, Kristin, has been going on for so long that the perpetrators don't even realize how PIC (politically-in-correct) it is. Yet we are expected to be polite to them and to allow them their viewpoints. Very one-sided and selfish.

    I like your theory about connecting the dots. However, I believe they see the dots and connect them. But when the dots actually create, say, the sun in the sky, their dots create a storm brewing that George Bush caused and needs to be blotted out so they can feel good about telling us there no longer is a SON, and we can all be better off being in the dark because now we'll all be PC (Picasso-esque Clones.)

  7. As incompatible as the two movements tactics may be, the end goal is the same, totalitarianism.

  8. Kristin, thanks for pointing to this article. I would have missed it. I would say, "Unbelievable," but sadly this is totally believable.

  9. If this is going on in Georgia universities (think Bible belt) I can only imagine how bad it is in other places in the country.

  10. in other places, it's already codified.