Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chicken or Crow?

Poor Frizz got caught in a rain storm. This is the first time in her life that her feathers have laid down.

Remember that huge egg last week? It was a double-yolker!!!

The shells were surprisingly think. I really had to bash them against the counter to crack them.

Here are two of the others. We ate all the eggs I'd collected -- 9 total.

My son asked if I had wasted all the eggs. I didn't think breakfast was a waste at all!


  1. When am I invited to break bread? LOL.

    Looks very good Kristen, the boys must love the expierience!

  2. 9 eggs! wow! I guess omelette and/or egg sandwiches will be on the menu lots.....

    I remember the days ( more recently - 1970s - in Europe ) when a soft boiled egg was presented in an egg cup..... as a child I hated eggs this way, but now I really like them....and have bought some antique egg cups....does that make ME an antique???? oh my gosh!

  3. I like eggs almost all ways. In fact, I can't really think of a way I don't like them. I've never tried a soft boiled egg. You'll have to tell me how.

    Oh, and liking antiques doesn't make you antique. If that were the case I'd be ancient.

  4. a kiss and a hug to you, my ancient friend....
    by the way, ancient is what ancient does....
    are you actually a member of the ancient cults that believed in freedom of the individual?????????
    you keep on going, friend, as this is the ultimate goal to be won for all, in my opinion.

  5. The one on the top of your sidebar reminds me of the Little Jerry episode of Seinfeld// ;)

    I happen to love eggs as well although I can't stand cooking even eggs, so pressed McDonalds Egg McMuffins are about as close as I get. ;)

  6. 9 eggs? You eet em all? When we all come over, are you going to feed us all store bought eggs?

  7. Double yolk? Identical twins! Fun that you have chickens. Great education for the little ones.

  8. That picture just screams, 'You left me in the rain. How could you leave me in the rain? I don't like you anymore.'