Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where are those birds this time?

Time for some much-needed warm fuzzies around here.
A few days ago, Woody was crowing his head off so I went out to investigate. Here's what I found:

Everyone lined up for a nap on the deck.

One of the reds.

Barred rock with a sleepy Lacey.

Woody, my leghorn Sunday and the other Barred Rock.

Sliver and Frizz.

"Me, make noise?"


  1. Thanks for a pleasant surprise today, Kristin. We all need all the warm fuzzies we can get in these troubled times. Thanks for pausing to smell the roses (chickens?) and reminding us to count our blessings.

  2. I think that bird is giving me a weird look.

  3. Nice looking flock - I'm looking forward to raising some soon.

  4. Pretty cool all hanging out on the deck. Kinda meesy though huh????

  5. Christopher: At least it's too hot for me to use the deck. They have minds of their own, I've given up trying to tell them where they can be.

    Scott: I can't wait to see pictures of yours when you get them. I never knew I'd like chickens so much.

    Trestin: It's the coon skin cap. Coons and chickens don't mix.

    Betty: rolf...smell the chickens.

  6. Odie--You haven't weighed in yet.

  7. Betty Ann ... I'm here, I'm here .... "Woody"? well at least it isn't Odie. How's that Betty Ann? Is that what you were waiting for.

    Thanks for the light side of your Mishmash, Kristin.

  8. nice to learn which type is which....