Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NationalPopularVote.com Pays Kristin a Visit

The folks over at NationalPopularVote.com decided to stop by my blog and post their entire mission in my comment section.

Of course, that made me dig a little farther into who these people are.

A quick search of the website shows that they are supported by the League of Women Voters. We just love them here at Kristin's Mishmash, the LWV and their support for climate change legislation, the DISCLOSE act, Nationalized Health Care and about everything else that I am fighting against!

In addition to the LWV, they are endorsed by the NY Times, the Chicago Sun Times and the LA Times. Their founder, John Koza says so himself. Are we getting warm fuzzies yet? Digging a little deeper into John Koza, I find that his claim to fame is scratch off-lottery tickets and his support of far left and socialist party candidates.

“When people complain that it’s an end run,” Dr. Koza said, “I just tell them, ‘Hey, an end run is a legal play in football.’ ’’

"Barry Fadem, the campaign's president, believes the 20-25 states needed to control the Electoral College will adopt the compact before the 2012 election."

Bob Unruh over at WND does a good job explaining why this legislation is dangerous. I'm supposed to be baking a pie right now, so I'll direct my readers there instead of reiterating what he has already eloquently explained.

National Popular Vote's "compact gives the presidency to the winner of the 'largest national popular-vote total.' Note that it says the 'largest' total, not a majority. The compact does not so much as designate a threshold that must be attained for a winning plurality. Nor is provision made for a runoff because (National Popular Vote) can't force nonparticipating states to conduct runoffs. Thus, a presidential candidate could win with only 15 percent of votes nationwide," she warned.

"But it gets worse. Under this scheme, a state could be forced to award its entire slate of electors to a candidate who was not on its own ballot. What if voters in New York and Massachusetts throw all their weight behind one regional candidate? That person may not be on the ballot in a state like Washington, but all 11 electors from Washington would be given to that Northeastern regional candidate if that candidate obtains any winning (albeit small) nationwide plurality," she said.

"A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine." --Thomas Jefferson

I had to put this one up because I think I just heard some common sense come out of Serge of Berkeley.

Oh, and "Toto", I'm still digging....


  1. Kristin, I'm proud of you....you've hit someone's nerve. Good going!

  2. Keep it up. I've gotten those before. You know when you are doing it right when the left keep bothing you.

  3. Ditto to the prior 3 comments!

  4. Their reasoning is simple. Most of the population is concentrated on the coasts in blue states. By mass of numbers, they'll carry most election. If you're in "flyover country," you might as well stay at home on election day. It won't matter how you vote. The millions of libtards in the cities will render your vote irrelevant.

    The electoral college, much like the structure of the Congress, is set up to give less populous states a voice in elections. Do away with the college, and folks in, for example, the plains states will have no voice. It's a perfect way to gain "progressive" dominance, and silence all of us "rednecks."

  5. Enjoy your pie and digging.

    Allow me to direct you to responses to myths about the National Popular Vote at

    If hearing from Conservative Republican supporters might help, may I recommend


    Saul Anuzis was Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for five years and was a candidate for chairman of the Republican National Committee. He supports the National Popular Vote plan as the fairest way to make sure every vote matters, and also as a way to help Conservative Republican candidates.


    Interview with Pat Rosenstiel and Laura Brod

    And to give you an overview of support by state (electoral college votes), by party for a national popular vote:

    Alaska (3)- 78% Democrats, 66% Republicans, 70% Nonpartisan voters, 82% Alaska Independent Party voters, and 69% others.
    Arkansas (6)- 88% Democrats, 71% Republicans, and 79% independents.
    California (55)– 76% Democrats, 61% Republicans, and 74% independents
    Colorado (9)- 79% Democrats, 56% Republicans, and 70% independents.
    Connecticut (7)- 80% Democrats, 67% Republicans, and 71% others
    Delaware (3)- 79% Democrats, 69% Republicans, and 76% independents
    District of Columbia (3)- 80% Democrats, 48% Republicans, and 74% of independents
    Idaho(4) - 84% Democrats, 75% Republicans, and 75% others
    Florida (27)- 88% Democrats, 68% Republicans, and 76% others
    Iowa (7)- 82% Democrats, 63% Republicans, and 77% others
    Kentucky (8)- 88% Democrats, 71% Republicans, and 70% independents
    Maine (4) - 85% Democrats, 70% Republicans, and 73% others
    Massachusetts (12)- 86% Democrats, 54% Republicans, and 68% others
    Michigan (17)- 78% Democrats, 68% Republicans, and 73% independents
    Minnesota (10)- 84% Democrats, 69% Republicans, and 68% others
    Mississippi (6)- 79% Democrats, 75% Republicans, and 75% Others
    Nebraska (5)- 79% Democrats, 70% Republicans, and 75% Others
    Nevada (5)- 80% Democrats, 66% Republicans, and 68% Others
    New Hampshire (4)- 80% Democrats, 57% Republicans, and 69% independents
    New Mexico (5)- 84% Democrats, 64% Republicans, and 68% independents
    New York (31) - 86% Democrats, 66% Republicans, 78% Independence Party members, 50% Conservative Party members, 100% Working Families Party members, and 7% Others
    North Carolina (15)- 75% liberal Democrats, 78% moderate Democrats, 76% conservative Democrats, 89% liberal Republicans, 62% moderate Republicans , 70% conservative Republicans, and 80% independents
    Ohio (20)- 81% Democrats, 65% Republicans, and 61% Others
    Oklahoma (7)- 84% Democrats, 75% Republicans, and 75% others
    Oregon (7)- 82% Democrats, 70% Republicans, and 72% independents
    Pennsylvania (21)- 87% Democrats, 68% Republicans, and 76% independents
    Rhode Island (4)- 86% liberal Democrats, 85% moderate Democrats, 60% conservative Democrats, 71% liberal Republicans, 63% moderate Republicans, 35% conservative Republicans, and 78% independents,
    South Dakota (3)- 84% Democrats, 67% Republicans, and 75% others
    Utah (5)- 82% Democrats, 66% Republicans, and 75% others
    Vermont (3)- 86% Democrats; 61% Republicans, and 74% Others
    Virginia (13)- 79% liberal Democrats, 86% moderate Democrats, 79% conservative Democrats, 76% liberal Republicans, 63% moderate Republicans, and 54% conservative Republicans, and 79% Others
    Washington (11)- 88% Democrats, 65% Republicans, and 73% others
    West Virginia (5)- 87% Democrats, 75% Republicans, and 73% others
    Wisconsin (10)- 81% Democrats, 63% Republicans, and 67% independents


  6. Haha Utah 82% democrat. Less than 25% vote democrat, in Utah. Sounds leftist to me. What is a conservative Democrat? Is that anything like a spiritual Atheist?

  7. Fantastic, another page taken by Toto from the standard issue partisan "drown them with statistics and figures until their eyes glaze over and lose the will to think" plan.

    Look, I use facts and figures in my debates, and I dearly enjoy an exilarating debate ask my friends *oddly most of whom are all left leaning liberals yet we can find great respect in our debates* (yeah, odd eh gang? they joke they keep me around as their token conservative :p )

    However, what we tend to do Toto is read, understand, and digest those endless banks of statistics then using them form more concise and pertiniate conclusive thoughts and persuasive arguments. Anyone can quote reams of figures; takes a bit more mental horsepower to turn data into information and compelling statements.

  8. You need a nice comment of your own at their site. I've got it ... try the Constitution!

  9. Very interesting, sometimes they feel the need to "drive by" sites and take a "dump", leaving a pile of their stinking propaganda copies from somewhere else. The truth is, right now, Washington is not following the will of the majority of the American people. We have idiots like Lindsey Graham, saying that Obama picked wisely when he picked Kagan for the Supreme Court. Makes me want to pull my hair out.

    Right Truth

  10. I see that "toto" has come back. I have the best followers! Thank you guys for the insightful comments.

    You see "toto", while you may be able to pull the wool over the eyes of RINOs and many average Americans, you aren't dealing with average Americans here.

    There is a reason the Founders set up the system the way that they did and I will continue to fight to protect and restore their vision; that includes speaking out about your "end runs" and misrepresentations of fact.

    Good day, and I shall enjoy my pie.

  11. blog rolled you. Don't know why I have not run across you before... anyway, keep up the good work.

  12. Thanks, KOOK. I've done the same.

  13. I really have hit a nerve. Today, Marina Meric from National Popular Vote sent me an email with an attached Word document (which I am wary to open) that "offers some insight into the "myths" surrounding National Popular Vote and why you should consider objections and be open to facts:
    "If you live in one of the “fly-over” states, National Popular Vote will offer meaningful benefits to you as a voter in the Presidential election."

    ....come on, Kristin, all the republicans are doing it.....

    And that is the problem in this country.

    You have not heard the last from me on this subject.

  14. the idea that "so many are doing it, so it must be right" is so outrageous. that's what got us into trouble in the first place. we need to think through repercussions for ourselves (as this group does, thankfully) and be willing to lead the other less able folks. Kristin, your leadership on these conversations is most helpful and appreciated!

  15. Yeah, the top offender of "so many are doing it, must be right" is the 2008 "Get on the Change Now Bandwagon" deal. Look where THAT got the country.... funny how all those bandwagoneers have found their rose colored glasses busted and their vision gazing out over ruin they brought in without thinking.

  16. This, "Toto" made a blogger profile this month, and someone with the same screen name was spamming up a discussion on another blog that posted on this topic.