Monday, July 12, 2010

Michelle's NAACP Speech » Michelle Obama Tells NAACP America Still Unequal

Yet another video I can't seem to embed. Here's Michelle O in Kansas City today. Be sure to read the comments.

These progressives will never realize (or admit) that it's their own policies that have destroyed the black family and they've done it on purpose.

Last summer, I visited the Martin Luther King Jr. museum in Atlanta. As I walked through Sweet Auburn and his family home, I was struck by the importance of family to the Kings and their contemporaries.

We don't need more government, more reparations, more affirmative action, more distribution of wealth. We need more family, more value for human life and above all, more God.


  1. Amen. The problem is the black community put away MLK Jr. for Malcom X's views. One is Christian and the other is Muslim in nature and beginings. One wanted equal justice and the other wanted social justice.

  2. You are so right!

    My little sister had to read Malcolm X's "X" for a high school class. We took it on the road with us as we drove to Florida over Christmas break. I think I was driving and my mom was reading it (since I have the worst case of motion sickness known to mankind).

    I'm not going to lie, it was torture, but I am glad to have that insight and to be able to apply it to the world today.

  3. And, having read Malcom X, if my memory serves me correctly, even he was beginning to question his stances when he was asassinated. Maybe he was no longer useful to the radical agenda. Hence the death sentence after the turf war. If anyone can offer more perspective I would be grateful.

  4. Kristin, I hope you don't mind, but I can't get myself to watch that racist blankity blank woman.

  5. Kirsten, she is deliberately stoking racist hate. Even appearing at a NAACP conf. is divisive. Where is the Conf. for White People.
    She makes me sick, I read all about it, and the quotes, but I, like Odie can't watch this commie.

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  7. Ooooooh.... Please excuse me for the rant you are about to hear... and Odie I'll provide quotes so you don't have to watch the video (though it wasn't long).

    "A black child is still far more likely to go to prison than a white child..."
    Seriously? Let's look at this a little more honestly. Why is a black child more likely to go to prison than a white child? Because the black child commits a CRIME! I know every home-life is different but on the majority level people know right from wrong. Even if your raised in a broken house-hold, you KNOW stealing, murder, drugs will land you in jail, but yet, what drives a "white" person NOT to commit these crimes... and what drives an African American to do so? It's not racial in-equality.

    "When african american communities are still hit harder than just about anywhere by this economic down turn and so many families are just barely getting by.."
    Yet again... I'm sorry... what?! How many "white" people do you all know who have lost their job, can't find another one and are struggling? I know *counts* three just in my family. I love (not) how the Obama administration twists and bends words to meet their own needs. Statistics and Politics mixed together create a very dangerous duo. She's singling out African Americans while speaking to them which then makes them feel more entitled and more impoverished, it feeds this "impoverished minority" Ideal that so many blacks tend to have. How can you say blacks and whites are not equal when there is now a black president?

    "When stubborn inequality still persists in education and health, in income and wealth..."
    *eyes widen and bulge* Education. I know it's been awhile since I was in school. *sighs at the reference to getting old* but everyone in the classroom had the same right to education. Whites weren't singled out and given special attention. You get out of education what you put into education. If you want to study you learn, thus everyone regardless of color has the same chance to the same education. (I realize I'm leaving out here that not all schools are equal but that's another long topic of discussion.)

    Healthcare. I'd like to see the numbers of how many African Americans receive government healthcare and how many whites receive it. (I know personally family members who were without a job (due to the economy) needed healthcare and couldn't receive healthcare). Furthermore, how many whites pay taxes for A.A's to receive these health benefits? And as far as actually receiving healthcare, yet again, in the hospital, everyone is treated equally (aside from your medical insurance stepping in here and believe me, those with medicaid get good healthcare... I worked in the system).

    Income and Wealth. This goes back to education and the fact that everyone has choices to make in life. If you really try and strive for it, anyone can gain an education and while it doesn't always mean so, a lot of time more education means more wealth. You can do it. It has nothing to do with racial in-equality.

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  9. Common sense abounds!

    Thank you for so eloquently voicing what most of us are thinking.

    What I am finding even more frightening is this "reverse" racism the administration seems to be supporting, even sponsoring. Will we never learn from history?

  10. These progressives will never realize (or admit) that it's their own policies that have destroyed the black family and they've done it on purpose. ..exactly right!

  11. When the African Americans learn to take the shackles off of their minds (that the "progressives" put there), they will rise. There's a really good chance that they'll join us (ideologically) when they do. I'll welcome that day.

  12. The WH has succeeded in creating the environment for racial anger. What ever happened to MLK's ideas? Now it's NAACP saying the Tea Party is racist, DOJ dismissing action against criminals based on race, etc. etc. Apparently social justice is favored by some in our country without real understanding of it. (And sadly, also by some who understand it only too well!) Our society must not allow this kind of anger, rhetoric, and change. Each of us must look inside and speak to GOD (and listen) to know what the Golden Rule looks like. Perhaps we need to walk the MLK walk for ALL people's rights.

  13. Racism is Racism, regardless of who is doing it to whom....

    A question for the church folk here.... how do you apply the Golden Rule premise and ignore the very specific mandates for slavery,genocide of non-believers,etc. in the Old Testament ?