Friday, June 18, 2010

Border Wars - US gives up

While I have been focused on the oil spill, the US-Mexico border is blowing up.

Thank you Woodsterman for this picture. Please head over to The Right Truth for more information. I couldn't have covered it as well as Debbie has.

Don't miss the bit about the 17 Afghan soldiers who have gone AWOL in the US.

What is the regime doing to help? Hillary Clinton says the Administration will sue AZ over their immigration law and those National Guard troops BO promised are nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Obama is reaching new lows.


  1. I've seen the sign and read the story and its just shows how far the Obama administration will go to get the Latino vote. He cares nothing, absolutely nothing about the safety of American citizens---with him its all about re-election. Moves like this will cost the dems greatly in this years elections, but as to future elections down the line I just don't know.

  2. The only thing it is missing is the BO 2012 logo