Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Global Governance and your Right to Bear Arms

Several times my husband has mentioned some international treaty that would step on American's First and Second Amendment rights. I've been so tied up just trying to keep all the other news straight that I haven't looked into it.

Until now.

CIFTA or the Inter-American Convention Against Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, was signed by Clinton in 1997. Now, BO is pressing the senate to ratify it. The treaty would criminalize gun related activities that are legal in many states. Among other things, the treaty:

  • Mandates the creation of a licensing system
  • Requires specific licensing for assembly and manufacturing of firearms. But this is so loosely defined that simply attaching a scope could be deemed assembly.
  • Prohibits the police from selling confiscated firearms to licensed dealers.
  • Requires countries to have specific authorization to import and export firearms.
Now, in true head-spinning, Progressive style, this isn't the only treaty being batted around.

The UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) seeks to establish international standards for the importation, exportation and transfer of firearms. Last fall, Hillary Clinton announced that the US was reversing our stance on the treaty and would participate in negotiations.

Any such treaty would allow an international body to override your constitutional rights. The American people have no say about who is appointed to these international positions. It's not like your congressman who you can vote out next term.

No matter where you stand on the gun debate, your rights are at risk. Today it's guns, tomorrow it's speech or press. Oh wait, those are at risk too....more on that later.


  1. The UN has been working hard to disarm America for years. The John Birch Society has a lot of good information about this.

    This treaty is just one more step towards the dream of an international Marxist order.

  2. Step by step, inch by inch, freedom by freedom.

    List national parks as part of world heritage and use international management guidelines, legally support executive orders and bypass congress, sign international treaties and coerce the populace to accept the terms, disarm law-abiding citizens.

    When are citizens not only unarmed but also interred? It's happened before.

    Back to the "zero sum" game. Why do we buy into it? Are we still patriotic and human? These concepts are NOT mutually exclusive. And as a country, we have repeatedly fought to preserve human freedoms not to eliminate them. Let's remember who we are!

  3. What that Heston quote about prying my guns from my cold dead fingers???

  4. A cross on every door and a gun in every hand, heaven or the deep south? Whats the diff right:)

  5. This won't be ratified, and if it is, it's going to the Supreme Court. Congress not make laws or ratify treaties that give up U. S. sovereignty or that are unconstitutional. This does and is both. Besides, I'd like to see some idiot foreigner try to disarm Americans. Really. It would be funny.