Friday, June 18, 2010

RIP Martha and Cricket

As if this week hasn't been bad enough with the bats, lack of sleep, and the communist take-over of America, someone's cast-off dog killed my two Easter Eggers Martha and Cricket this afternoon.

I went to feed the others an afternoon snack and noticed that those two were nowhere in sight. I opened the coop door and there was the dog having a nice snooze in the wood shavings. The stiffening corpses of Martha and Cricket lay in the dirt out back.

The dog looks like a rottweiler mix. No tags. He took off before I could lock him in the run.

The canine now has a death warrant out for it. And I need to spend tomorrow morning hunting/ installing higher gauge wire around my run and extending the run under the coop so the remaining birds are safer and have more room.


  1. Oh :( I'm so sorry to hear this, Kristin. Big patriot huggs to you.

  2. That really sucks - they were pretty little babies. Good luck on the eradication of the culprit.

    I had never heard of Easter Eggers before - you sent me on a fact finding mission. Information filed for future reference!

  3. Thanks for the condolences.

    Easter eggers are chickens that lay blue or green eggs. Cricket, cockerel that he was, had a date with the crock pot eventually but Martha was a real nice pullet.

  4. Ruger makes some great 22 rifles in ARIZONA.

  5. I got the gun thing covered. ;)

    So last night, I walked around looking for him and a saw something brown and furry down by the stream. I moved slowly to get a better shot at him, got him in my sights, then realized it was a deer.

    The hunt continues.....

  6. I'm so sorry about your two birdies. Sweet little things.

  7. so sorry, Kristin! I hope you're able to add more easter eggers to your flock next year. how hard is it to add only one or two more to an existing group? and as for cast off animals.....why don't people own up to their responsibilities? by allowing the dog to run, more than your chickens are as risk....your children are too!