Friday, June 11, 2010

Guard Cat on Duty

Our flea and tick medicine came in the mail. I applied it quickly and I sent Trevor off to work.

He stalked around the corner of the house...

The chickens think they hear something....

I thought Trevor was going to go after one of my little chicks. He doesn't have claws so I don't think he could take down one of the big chickens, nevertheless, I was watching closely. He got Flag in his sights (see sidebar for Flag's picture), hunkered down, got ready to pounce, then changed course and pounced my rooster!!! This picture of Woody is a couple weeks old. He is much bigger now.

Much clucking and fluttering ensued.

But the chickens ended up back where they belong.

Then I learned that fleas in my area have developed a tolerance to Frontline. Back to square one and back to chickens under the deck.


  1. Kristin, Mom enjoys reading your posts every weekend at my house and I know she'll enjoy seeing pics of the girls and Treavor.

  2. Thank you for reading and thank you for sharing them with her. That means a lot.

  3. Welcome Jane and Mom!!! Glad you're following!!

  4. fun, if frontline isn't working, what does?? I still get advantage for fleas but there is an occasional tick (on my cats, not on me). :-)

  5. Advantage always worked on the cats, but Trevor was getting lots of ticks. Advantage doesn't say it works on ticks. I got the Frontline because it says it kills ticks too. Trevor doesn't have any fleas, but my mom said that after 4 days, the Frontline hadn't touched the fleas on her outdoor kitty.

  6. Advantage works well on my two mutts for fleas---never have seen ticks on them, but then I live in town and they are house dogs. Thanks for adding TOTUS to your links I will add you to TOTUS when I sign off.

  7. I just picked a tick off Trevy-Trevy's bum. This obviously isn't working....