Wednesday, June 23, 2010

P90X- oh my!

A couple weeks before our beach vacation a box showed up on the porch. This box said Beach Body all over it. I was curious, but since it was addressed to my husband, I put it aside until he got home.

Then the yoga mat showed up.

I won't lie, I was curious. So ignoring the instruction book (like I normally do) I popped in the yoga video and sweated my way through about 40 minutes. I'm bored easily so the next day I did 20 minutes of the yoga and tried out the chest and back DVD.

I know I'm doing the whole thing wrong and that hyped-up instructor dude would yell at me if he knew how I'm bastardizing his program, but I have been doing 20-40 minutes of this stuff a day for the past 2 weeks.

I'm exhausted.

Every muscle in my body has hurt for two weeks.

Muscles I didn't even know I had hurt.

I've also put on five pounds and am really liking the way I look.

But does it have to hurt this bad? And did I mention I'm tired?


  1. Hey Girl--My husband always says it's better to look good than to feel good!! You go for it!!

  2. woohoo go for it girly! pass the chocolate!

  3. Daddy's proud Nothin like pushin the body where it don't want to go.

  4. Wait until you get to my age. It hurts after watching television for 20 minutes.

  5. didn't the instruction say to work into it slowly? ouch!

  6. Work into it slowly? The hyped-up instructor dude makes me feel like I'm not doing enough!

    I'm cutting it from 60-90 minutes a day to 20-40 minutes because I don't have an hour a day to dedicate to it and because I actually want to be able to move the next day.

  7. I've completed the entire 90 days with P90X and it works.

    I agree that it does hurt and its a "good hurt" if that makes sense.

    Check out my P90X results at


  8. Oh my goodness. Please don't tell them that I'm a half-a** P90X user. I don't think I'll ever do the whole thing the way it was intended, but I am experiencing significant results with the bits I'm doing.