Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mishmashed thoughts on the oil spill

I haven't written about the oil spill, though I have been following it diligently.

- Where the heck are the enviro-greenie-PITA-wackos? Helllooooooo.....

- I think BO and his minions are intentionally dragging their feet on this. I think they want as big an impact as possible on the environment and the economy. And it hurts me to believe that.

- Rahm Emmanuel tells us not to let a good crisis go to waste. Why wouldn't they want this to be the biggest crisis possible to further their agenda?

- What states is this affecting so far? LA, MS, AL, FL. Mostly Red states. Coincidence?

- How many rounds of golf has BO played since the spill? We're up to 4 that I've heard of.

- The regime has turned down help from other nations. We can't take the help, it might cost a union member a job!!! The unions are more important than our coastline and the livelihoods of millions of Americans?

- The Anointed One has stopped all offshore drilling yet Russia, China, Brazil and others are pulling oil out of Gulf. This is oil that could easily be ours! Do they know something we don't about preventing/ stopping spills?

- And on the topic of Brazil, why are we subsidizing their drilling?

I'm sure I'll think of more. Meanwhile, add your favorite oil spill rants.


  1. spot on!..but don't wait for the Libs to hold the not so Holy one accountable!..adding u to my blogroll now hun!:)

  2. I think you're a little low on your count of golf rounds since the spill. Only 4 times in 50 plus days?? Why the man would be having DT's!!!

  3. Instead of doing something constructive, or being accountable for not having done anything other than play golf and party since the beginning, our phony leader in the White House is preparing to make a speech blaming everyone in sight other than himself, and spreading more of his political BS.

  4. Ok--I knew it --Just heard on FNC that BHO has played 7 rounds of golf since spill began.

  5. Per Fox News, the number is seven rounds of golf since the explosion in the Gulf.

  6. Hey Jawja Dawg! GMTA!!! (Code for Great Minds Thinking Alike)

  7. Kristin, you and your readers are invited to watch Obama's address tonight with us over at Potluck. http://potluckbloggers.wordpress.com/

  8. I made it, Jill....when it was almost over. I couldn't seem to find my brown shoes.

  9. I'm sure the foot dragging is right in the Golden Pantload's grand scheme of things. He wants that part of the economy too.

  10. Golden Pantload......LOL

    That's a new one for me.

  11. Fabulous. We need more regulation, a new agency and an oil Czar! These people have no answer besides more government.

    And what's with the "oil is a finite resource" talk? See Trestin's post on Abiotic Oil:


    They've been saying we're going to run out for DECADES.

  12. This is exactly why I am a right-winger! It is because of the smart and cogent thoughts which are expressed on this blog, of course Obama is dragging his feet possibly destroying the gulf, of course he is singling out the red states in the south, I am not so sure he did't have plans to blow the oil well up himself so he could push his liberal agenda (lets not forget Palin's drill baby drill which was a sound plan, I bet he was jealous and wanted to put an end to that). I still think he was responsible for spreading swine flu in Mexico knowing it would come across the border and thus allowing him to jam his health care down our throats (pun). Keep'em coming Kristin!!!!!!

  13. I think you laid this out well, Kristen. I think it's clear, especially after tonight's speech, that letting the spill go is a means to push an agenda.

  14. did anyone see Huckabee's guests who have spill clean-up products? (sometime last week) hopefully many of these will be used. but why do we need government approval to mop up?

    and if BP cannot continue efforts due to a fire on their ship (fire believed started by lightning?), what happens if lightning starts the massive spill on fire?

    yes, the political gains from this crisis could be enormous, unless we-the-people see it from the larger perspective as you describe it, Kristin. then the political games can be countered.